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23.02.06 New compact P65i-system with embedded controller Deutschland-Fahne
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Welcome to Loftfields Analytical Solutions. Please contact me if one of my offers is of interest to you. I would be pleased to help you with further advice or in finding an individual solution to your problems.
A patented pressure digestion technique is our first speciality. If you have a solid, we can deliver a crystal clear salt solution. Test our PDS-6 system! The pressure digestion principle is old, see Carius, 1860. Newly arranged and optimized as PDS-6 since 1983.

Concerning gas analysis we specialize in green house gases: Kyoto commits (or not - for some countries)! The concentration of green house gases in the air is rising continuously. What can we do? LAL can at least measure them, fully automatic, 24 hours a day if necessary.

Gas flow control is our newest technology "LoFlow" using a patented thermodynamic principle. High pressure and very small quantities are no problem.

Other problems? Contact us! Analytical Solutions are our speciality!

These pages will inform you not only about what I could do for you, but also about additional facts related to my offers. It would be worth coming back here again from time to time.
I would like to establish new contacts between my costumers to help them benefit from each others' experiences. This is one reason for the costumer survey. Contact information can be found in the reference lists to pressure digestion and gas analysis.

But this website is not a shop, so you will not find any prices in here. For information about the costs please contact me directly, via eMail ( or in other ways (contact).

Dr. Norman S. Loftfield Counter
Home + About LAL + PDS-6 Pressure Digestion System + Gas Analysis + Gas Flow Regulation + Contact, Impressum
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